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Material Specifications

RT- 8
Titanium Oxide
Titanium dioxide TiO2 not electrical conductor
Titanium trioxide Ti2O3 electrical conductor
  • These guides for delicate yarns and for mid high strains with a surface to be mirror polished. It is necessary for texturizing machines.
  • The black TI 2O3 is suitable to dissipate electrostatic charges from yarns on various textile machines, i.e. For knitting machines

RX- 9
RX - 2
Aluminium Oxide AI2O3, with :
Purity 96 %
Purity 97.5%
Purity 99%
Purity 99.7%
Purity 99.9%
  • These guides for high performances for fairly aggressive yarns.
  • Paritcular components for the formation of textile yarns, as for instance :
    • Ceramic navels, mirror polished for open End spinning machines.
    • Compressed air intermingling inserts.
    • Friction discs, guide discs, knife disc for texturizing machine and thread guides for oil application.
  • Component for pumps and valves, such seal rings, pistons, sleeve bearings, shaft cover sleeves, shafts inpellers, seal plates for any kind of liquid, bolls for ball valves etc.
  • Seal disc for mixing taps.
  • Armour-plates, nozzles of different types.
  • Insulating pieces for electrical and electronic fields etc.
  • Ceramic cavities for laser sources.
RX - 1Aluminium Oxide Toughened with Zirconium Oxide AI2O3-ZrO3Thread guides with low friction coefficient and good wear resistance for very special delicate yarns.-

Zirconium Oxide ZrO3
Stabilized with yttrium oxide Y2O3
Stabilized with magnesium oxide MgO
Stabilized with magnesium oxide MgO + Calcium Ozide CaO
  • Thread guides with mechanical strains.
  • Mechanical components particularly wear resistant.
  • The material RZ â 1 has a good "flexibility" and is particularly suitable for scissors blades, for thread cutters, for selvedge-cutters etc.
  • Components for internal-combustion engines.
  • Cones and pulleys for wire drawing and sizing.
  • Drawplates and tools for metal drawing and forming
  • Oxygen sensors, in metallurgical furnaces and combustion plants
Material CodesRT-7RT-8RX-6RX-7RX-8RX-9RX-2RX-1RZ-1RZ-2RZ-3
colourYellowBlackWhitePink or whiteCreamCreamCreamWhiteWhiteYellowYellow
Specific Weightg/cm33,9-43,9-43,803,853,853,923,954,106,005,655,65
H2O absorption%00000000000
Vickers hardness (HV, 500g)GPa7,57,515,51617181916131212
Compressive strengthMPa --220023002400290029003100280025002000
Flexural strengthMPa1501503203303503804001501000450400
Young's modulus (E)GPa--310310340360400380200200200
Fracture toughness (Kic)Mpam 1/2--4455,24,95,631077,5
Max. Service temperature oC10001000130015001600165016001400100010001000
Thermal xonductivityw/m.k--252330313029222
Thermal expansion Coefficient : 20o - 400oC
20o - 800oC
x 10-6/oC
x 10-6/oC